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Professional Philosophies

Counseling philosophies are statements by which we guide a lot of our daily work. These three philosophies help me maintain focus and scope of my work, while also keeping me student centered and system supporting.

2. Everyone has the opportunity to be great.

I believe that every student has great potential and has the ability to be successful. Unfortunately, many students are not given the chance nor believe they are capable of doing great things.


Some students need the encouraging push and support from school staff to recognize their abilities. I intend to  provide these opportunities.

1. My students become part of my family.

When I meet a student, I believe that they become part of my family. A family does many things for other family members. They stick together when things get tough, believe the best of each other, and push each other to strive for success.


In counseling, many students are missing a solid family foundation. Modeling a healthy family structure and support is a crucial component of my counseling style.


I invite you to download a more in depth look at my counseling philosophies.

3. Students need a strong, positive male role-model.

As a male, I feel it is a responsibility to provide students with a positive male influence. Many students are missing the male family influence or are exposed to negative influences. This leads students to believe that the actions they observe from the negative influences or see portrayed in media are the norm and acceptable behavior.


As a male counselor, I hope to provide this positive male influence.


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